This “Apartheid Week,” Pro-Israel Voices on Left and Right Speak Up

Jewish Journal
By: Jonah Lowenfeld

It’s Israel Apartheid Week, when college campuses across America are overtaken by paper-mache walls, cardboard tanks and a whole lot of criticism of the Jewish state. Do you know where the voices speaking up for Israel are? (more…)

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Paralyzed Woman To Complete Marathon Using Robotic Skeleton


A British woman who was paralysed in an accident five years ago is planning to use a robotic exoskeleton to help her complete the London marathon in April. Claire Lomas, who will be raising money for charity by taking part, thinks it may take her up to three weeks to finish. (more…)

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Groups Counter Yearly Apartheid Slur

Canadian Jewish News
By: Sheri Shefa

A number of campaigns on Canadian campuses are in the works to give pro-Israel students the tools to counter false accusations presented by Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) organizers. (more…)

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Bloomberg: Israel Safest for Investing

By: Koby Yeshayahou

Among all the stock markets in developed countries, guess which one produced the highest risk-adjusted returns in the last ten years? The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Granted, in 2011 the TASE yielded lower returns than Wall Street and European markets, but the last decade shows a different picture. (more…)

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BBYO Names Virtual Citizens of Israel

By: Jspace Staff

B’nai B’rith Youth Organization youth will have an opportunity to become a virtual citizen of Israel following a screening of “Israel Inside.” Sponsored by the Israel Forever Foundation and, the event takes place at BBYO’s annual International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia on February 17. (more…)

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US Campuses to Launch Pro-Israel ‘Peace Week

Israel National News
By: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Pro-Israel students at 75 universities across the US and Canada will launch “Israel peace Week” from next Sunday until March 9 in an effort to counter widespread campus anti-Zionism and “Israel Apartheid Week,” which pictures Israel as an enemy to peace. (more…)

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Israel among world’s most educated countries


OECD report indicates that Israel ranks second in percentage of population with post-secondary degrees.

Israel is among the world’s most highly educated countries, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). (more…)

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