Foreign Ministry Steps in to Fly Home Israelis Stranded in Rome

The Foreign Ministry said Sunday it was bringing home 200 Israeli passengers who were stranded in Rome when the airline they had tickets on went belly up. (more…)

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Israeli Coach Slam Dunks Olympic Medal for Russia

By: Allon Sinai

LONDON – There is at least one Israeli who will return home from the London Olympics with a medal after coach David Blatt guided the Russian basketball team to an 81-77 victory over Argentina to clinch the bronze medal on Sunday. (more…)

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Turning Sound into Sight for the Blind

By: Abigail Klein Leichman

People born blind can be trained to visualize objects using sensory substitution devices (SSDs) programmed by scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences and the Institute for Medical Research Israel-Canada. (more…)

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Israel ‘Highless’ Marijuana Offers Medical Benefits Without The High

By: Maayan Lubell

SAFED, Israel (Reuters) – They grow in a secret location in northern Israel. A tall fence, security cameras and an armed guard protect them from criminals. A hint of their sweet-scented blossom carries in the air: rows and rows of cannabis plants, as far as the eye can see. (more…)

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Haifa Team Finds Genes that Predict Parkinson’s

By: Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

Researchers at the Technion- Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa have identified a group of five genes in the blood that can predict whether an individual will in future develop the severe and ultimately fatal neurological condition Parkinson’s disease. (more…)

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The Moral Excellence of the State of Israel

By: Rabbi Adam Jacobs

Tal Ben Shahar’s class in positive psychology was one of the most popular in the history of Harvard University. Yet despite his pedagogical success, four best-selling books, a consulting practice with Fortune 500 companies and sundry television appearances, he decided it was time to move home … to Israel. How he reached this decision and its implications are beautifully presented in an unusual film entitled “Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference.” (more…)

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Producer Shore: How Israeli Chutzpah Will Save the World

By: Brett Sandala

Raphael Shore, founder of and film producer, tells Newsmax.TV that people around the world need to see “the real Israel . . . a dynamic, humanitarian, democratic society that’s making a big difference in the world today.” To that end, Shore produced “Israel Inside,” an hour-long film designed to counter the prevalent, news-driven image of the Jewish State. (more…)

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Israel Becomes Lab for Electric Car Network

By: Amy Teibel

ROSH HAAYIN, Israel — Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi has begun rolling out the world’s first nationwide electric car network. Now, will the drivers come? (more…)

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Making the Positive Case for Israel

By: Alan Dershowitz

The world well knows of Israel’s military prowess in protecting its citizens against threats of terrorism and the even greater threat of a nuclear armed Iran.  If one were to put the word “Israel” on a Rorschach test, the association, for most people would be to “conflict,” “wars,” and for some the continuing dispute with the Palestinians and the entire Arab and Muslim world.  These images and associations are, tragically, an important part of Israel’s history and reality.  It is not, however, Israel’s chosen identity.  Most Israelis crave peace, normalcy and the end of conflict.  They want to turn their swords into plow shears and get on with the business of helping to repair the world. (more…)

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Paralyzed Woman Finishes Marathon in Bionic Suit

British mom crosses finish line at London Marathon 16 days after race began. (more…)

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